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Dec 23, 2012 10:00pm EST
good orr our statee.. state... the u-s maryland loot 33-hundred jobs last monnh. at &the same time the federal octobee....suggesting employers addedd 7 hundred &pjobs... rathee than tte &pestimated. buttexperts pay there is good news if you look at the bigger ppcture. & 3 "as aawhole maryland ii trending upward if you juss look over the last year we'vee adddd 16-thousand jobs and pghh the progress continuee to go when we look at some of the national rankings thht we''ee getting we've been ranked number ooe by the u-s ccamber of commerce for growth and innovation." & innovation." the states unnmployment rate in nooember improveddto 6 point 6 percent.... falling from 6 point 7 percenn a month earlier. 3 3 with the fiscal cliff looming, lawmakers take to the sunday shows... democrats say uncoooeratiie, while their opponents blame president obama for a ailure of leadership. steve cennanni has the story. story. 33 a much calmer sunnay compared - to the windd conditions we were dealin
Dec 28, 2012 10:00pm EST
asociation and the u-s & maritime alliance... which represents shipping companies and port set midnight dec 33th. today... both sides agreed to a 30-day extennion to the current - contract. a strike would cargo along the east coast. (7:08) the ort of baltimoree is one of maryland's largeet eceonice gernerators so ann ttpe of ork ction thht may resulttin a suspension or stoppage of worr would have ann adverse effect. effect. 3 more than 100 organizations pave urred president obama to step into negotiations. 3 james white .. executive director of the port authority released thiss statement today. he says "we hopeethat both sides use this extended time wisely and conninue to talk ii order to makkeprogress toward a new agreement. it is within everyyne's best interestt to do so." 3 tickets... for the rrvens... home ppayoff gamm... went on sale... 3 morning.../ it... took... less than 20 minutes... for... all... 2-thousand tickkts... to... be... bought-- up...//. s...
Dec 29, 2012 10:00pm EST
mmlted own. but with millions moreescatteeed acrrss the u-s, can buybacks--like this one--make a dent? these guns ccuud have created & victims and we know that f we can reduce the number of weapons that arr available by - preaking intt people's houses safer societyy bridgeeort's police chief ayssan attempt 3 buyyack failed last year due &ptt lack of fuuding, buttnot - ttis ttme. we've seee an outpouring from the community since sandy hooo in all 3 cash, and i think this is partt feel safe. for porter, a gun plocked safely in his home ended up in the hands of his - foster chiid.. who heessys - then handed it over to a gaag membbr..if that person would've did sooething to -pomebody else with that ggn it 3 me. and i am 52 yeers old. ii haven'' had aacriminaa ecord all my life. police ssy that'' how even legal guns can pose wiil ever be able toodisarm every bad guy here, but what & taking away the chance for a bad guy to get another gun. porter says he got lucky. it did go nto the wrong hands put i got it back and its --3 getting destro
Dec 5, 2012 10:00pm EST
. the dollar amount is roughly 15 percent of the national bbdget... and 21 percent of all u-s health caae spending.(vo) the government accountability office lists medicare as a "high-risk" programmin need of reform... in part becauue of its vulnerabilityyto raud... problems.(sot - quint studer/studer group)"no one planned on people living this pong. no one could forsee the technology and the preecription medications hat would be available. so it's really matter of more expensive treatments being availlble for a longer perrod offtime, to a larger population."(vo) medicare reform must be done in a ay that protects policies and programs that &pwork... wwile eliminating or avoiding policies and prograas that do nnt... or will not... work effectively.(graphic- solutions) -the eligibility age could be increased from 65 to 67... peoole wait longer until they can start getting benefiis. medicare coverageecould -fraud must be reduced... in 2004 medicare iippoperly paid 900 million dollarssfor medical equipment and supplies... in part due to fraud by suppliers. -and payments to pro
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4